JAPAN      Master Franchisee Chie Kawazoe & Nick Christ

We had decided to move to Japan to give our two year old daughter some experience living there. The next decision to make was, "what kind of work would we do in Japan?" We had both worked for large multinational companies for many years. We knew if we continued to work for similar companies in Japan, we wouldn't have much time together as a family. We thought to ourselves, "if we had a choice, what kind of work would we like to do?" We wanted to work for ourselves, doing something that we loved which was being with dogs. The obvious choice then was Bark Busters. We had called on Bark Busters four years earlier to help us gain control of our new puppy. So we already knew the training system worked. We also knew that Bark Busters was expanding overseas. We are very fortunate to have been trained by Danny and Sylvia. We continue to be amazed by how much they know about dog training. When we were starting up in Japan, Sylvia and Danny were always there when we needed them. It didn't matter if it was a dog problem or help with business planning. We have been able to draw on their many years of experience in the dog training industry. They are always available to give advice. We have had no regrets taking on the Japanese Master Franchise. It has been, and still is, a lot of work, but the rewards have been great. We make the lives of dogs and families better every day and we see this first hand. Now that we are franchising we see how we are changing the lives of our franchisees. We are now helping them achieve some of their dreams through working at Bark Busters.